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Data Dictionary - Entity Table: Order#

When investment proposition is discussed with the client and approved, orders must be generated in the corresponding trading system. These orders are created based on the rows in the investment_proprsition_position_change table. Consolidation of investment propoisitions in one order is possible, e.g. several clients want to buy IBM shares at a target price, one order for the consolidated amount is created. This table is a record of the orders sent to the trading system.

Primary Key ('id').ENGINE = InnoDB..
Column NameData TypePK Primary Key, NN-Not Null, NullExampleComments
idBIGINT(12)PK, NN1PrimaryKey-ID, Not Null (auto creates)
InternalIDVARCHAR(45)NULL1Order internal id
ExternalIDVARCHAR(45)NULL1Order external id (e.g., from exchange)
Creation_DateDATENULL1/1/2020 12:30:00 PMOrder create date and time
CompletionBIGINT(12)NULL1Order completion id
InstrumentBIGINT(12)NULL1Instrument id to be traded
StatusVARCHAR(45)NULLfilled; working; cancelled; rejected; completed; expired.Order status
SideENUM("Buy", "Sell")NULLbuy; sellBuy or sell order
Exchange_OrderTINYINTNULL1Whether it is exchange (versus broker or OTC) order
ExchangeBIGINT(12)NULL1Id of the exchange (lookup table not yet modelled)
Completion(Completion)Order_Completion (id)NO ACTIONNO ACTION
Completion_idxOrder(Completion ASC)VISIBLE.