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Financial Account

Data Dictionary - Entity Table: Financial_Account#

The financial account represent arrangement with financial institution so that the client can deposit money, settle transaction in appropriate currency, withdraw and contribute funds, etc. The type of account can determine the taxation rules, the liquidity risk and so on. An investor can have multiple financial accounts in their portfolio.

Primary Key ('id').ENGINE = InnoDB..
Column NameData TypePK Primary Key, NN-Not Null, NullExampleComments
idBIGINT(12)PK, NN1PrimaryKey-ID, Not Null (auto creates)
TypeBIGINT(12)NULL1Classify the type of financial account
NameVARCHAR(45)NULLADV.1657Financial account name
IBANVARCHAR(45)NULLDE89 1000 0000 0000 0000 00The IBAN account number
Ex-CustodyTINYINTNULL1Ex-custody is a position where the custodian only conducts administrative custody and reporting tasks for the position. If 1 = Ex-custody, if 0 = current custody.
CustodianBIGINT(12)NULL1Custodian is a legal fugure who has fiduciary obligation to the beneficient of the account. Can be the parent of a child with a trust fund set in the Organization or the Organization holding financial assets on behalf of client investor. Related to Business_Partner
PortfolioBIGINT(12)NULL1Portfolio Id
Portfolio(Portfolio)Portfolio (id)NO ACTIONNO ACTION
Type(Type)Financial_Account_Type (id)NO ACTIONNO ACTION
Custodian(Custodian)Business_Partner (id)NO ACTIONNO ACTION
Portfolio_idxFinancial_Account(Portfolio ASC)VISIBLE.
Type_idxFinancial_Account(Type ASC)VISIBLE.
Custodian_idxFinancial_Account(Custodian ASC)VISIBLE.