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Business Partner Type

Data Dictionary - Entity Table: Business_Partner_Type#

This is lookup table for the Business_Partner_Type (id) column in the table Business_Partner. It contains the names of the business partner types. Three typical examples of business partner types:

  • internal (owned by the bank, these can be sundries or internal custodians),
  • external (entity that has a business relation with the bank but not as a customer of the bank, this relation could be acting as a custodian, counterparty or creditor of the bank) and
  • client.
Primary Key ('id').ENGINE = InnoDB..
Column NameData TypePK Primary Key, NN-Not Null, NullExampleComments
idBIGINT(12)PK, NN1PrimaryKey-ID, Not Null (auto creates)
NameVARCHAR(45)NULLBank, Booking Center, Department, Team, Client Advisor, Client Deposit, AuthorityType of the business partner